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Tips to Being Stretch Mark Free

Stretch marks just like scars are hard to conceal. This scarring of the collagen fibers is due to the rapid stretching of the skin such as due to sudden weight gain and pregnancy.

Some more serious health conditions such as adrenal disease and Cushing’s syndrome may also leave your skin with the ugly marks.

Skin care experts recommend tips that can help you prevent the appearance as well as reduce the appearance of stretch marks (also known as striae).

  • Drink Fluids

drinking waterAs a child you were reminded by your mom to drink plenty of water especially after meals. She said it is good for your health.

Today, you will appreciate those words more upon learning that water can reduce the appearance of stretch marks on your hips and buttocks.

Water hydrates your skin making it soft and more elastic. You can also take other fluids such as fruit juices.

However, caffeine-containing products are greatly discouraged such as coffee, soda and tea. The said compound can increase your risk of developing stretch marks.

  • Amp Up with Proteins and Other Nutrients

Eat high protein meals. Protein is a macronutrient and a source of energy that has a high nutritional value.

Your body needs it in the production of collagen which is a fibrous layer on your skin. A tougher collagen layer will keep your skin stretch mark free.

Also, your skin needs protein in synthesizing elastin which is responsible for your skin’s elasticity. Also watch for your intake of vitamins and zinc. You need these nutrients in order to prevent stretch mark development.

  • Watch Your Calories

Rapid weight gain is one of the factors that can cause stretch marks. This is why health experts recommend that you watch for your intake of calories in order to prevent sudden weight gain.

Start trading oily and fatty foods with low calorie ones such as veggies and fruits. Get a regular exercise program too.

If you are pregnant, weight gain is pretty much expected. Talk to your doctor about the healthy foods to take in order to prevent getting heavier than what is normal and to spare your skin from stretch marks.

  • Stretch Mark Lotions and Creams

You have stretch marks and you have read about hundreds of anti-stretch mark products that flock the market.

You can try lotions and creams which use ingredients such as vitamin E, cocoa butter, shea butter and glycolic acid.

Also, some home remedies that you can use are olive oil, castor oil, seaweed wraps and fruit acids. You can save money and get rid of stretch marks effectively by using these remedies.

  • Prevention is the Best Treatment

Preventing the development of stretch marks can be done by living a healthy lifestyle. Eat nutritious foods; drink plenty of water and exercise!

You can spare your skin from the ugly marks by including these in your lifestyle. Also, use a lotion or cream to keep your skin hydrated.

Stuffs found at home can also be used to keep your skin soft and supple such as essential oils. Be stretch mark free!