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Tips to Being Stretch Mark Free

Stretch marks just like scars are hard to conceal. This scarring of the collagen fibers is due to the rapid stretching of the skin such as due to sudden weight gain and pregnancy.

Some more serious health conditions such as adrenal disease and Cushing’s syndrome may also leave your skin with the ugly marks.

Skin care experts recommend tips that can help you prevent the appearance as well as reduce the appearance of stretch marks (also known as striae).

  • Drink Fluids

drinking waterAs a child you were reminded by your mom to drink plenty of water especially after meals. She said it is good for your health.

Today, you will appreciate those words more upon learning that water can reduce the appearance of stretch marks on your hips and buttocks.

Water hydrates your skin making it soft and more elastic. You can also take other fluids such as fruit juices.

However, caffeine-containing products are greatly discouraged such as coffee, soda and tea. The said compound can increase your risk of developing stretch marks.

  • Amp Up with Proteins and Other Nutrients

Eat high protein meals. Protein is a macronutrient and a source of energy that has a high nutritional value.

Your body needs it in the production of collagen which is a fibrous layer on your skin. A tougher collagen layer will keep your skin stretch mark free.

Also, your skin needs protein in synthesizing elastin which is responsible for your skin’s elasticity. Also watch for your intake of vitamins and zinc. You need these nutrients in order to prevent stretch mark development.

  • Watch Your Calories

Rapid weight gain is one of the factors that can cause stretch marks. This is why health experts recommend that you watch for your intake of calories in order to prevent sudden weight gain.

Start trading oily and fatty foods with low calorie ones such as veggies and fruits. Get a regular exercise program too.

If you are pregnant, weight gain is pretty much expected. Talk to your doctor about the healthy foods to take in order to prevent getting heavier than what is normal and to spare your skin from stretch marks.

  • Stretch Mark Lotions and Creams

You have stretch marks and you have read about hundreds of anti-stretch mark products that flock the market.

You can try lotions and creams which use ingredients such as vitamin E, cocoa butter, shea butter and glycolic acid.

Also, some home remedies that you can use are olive oil, castor oil, seaweed wraps and fruit acids. You can save money and get rid of stretch marks effectively by using these remedies.

  • Prevention is the Best Treatment

Preventing the development of stretch marks can be done by living a healthy lifestyle. Eat nutritious foods; drink plenty of water and exercise!

You can spare your skin from the ugly marks by including these in your lifestyle. Also, use a lotion or cream to keep your skin hydrated.

Stuffs found at home can also be used to keep your skin soft and supple such as essential oils. Be stretch mark free!

Hair Removal: The Health Benefits Of Vitamin B6

You don’t have to worry if you want to reduce your work of removing the unwanted hairs from your body.

This is due to the fact that more and more options are being released by medical experts in order to help you have effective hair removal growth support.

Do you know that you could also reduce hair growth by taking necessary vitamins or nutrients for your body?

Basically, one of the vitamins would include vitamin B6. This vitamin is evidently present in various supplements, which give you the hint that it could easily be gotten by purchasing necessary multivitamin supplements.

The vitamin is termed to be helpful in reducing unwanted hairs in a couple of ways. It could actually control the production of prolactin hormone in your body.

By doing so, you would be able to aid your body in taking up testosterone. In addition to this, it would help in dulling your cells response to the hormones.

Moreover, vitamin B6 has various benefits, such as the following:

  • Formation of Cells

The vitamin would also help in growing natural cells in your body healthily. In addition to this, the building blocks of protein, which are amino acids, would also be supported by the vitamin for synthesis.

Moreover, there are various compounds that need vitamin B6.

The said components would include the protein center of red blood cells called heme, as well as the cell membranes that allow the communication of cells called phospholipids.

  • Protection or Defense Against Various Conditions

There is also certainty that with vitamin B6, you would be protecting your body against a lot of conditions.

These conditions would include impaired nerves, sore tongue, confusion, convulsion, arthritis, anemia, as well as incidents of still born babies.

woman with a strong toxicosisFurthermore, you could be certain that vitamin B6 would also prevent irritability, morning sickness, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

  • Carbohydrates

Aside from normally processing the carbohydrates in your body, you could also be certain that with enough vitamin B6, you would be able to break down glycogen.

This is a starch form that could help you be provided with enough energy for exercising.

  • Brain Function

There is also certainty that with vitamin B6, you would have a healthy function in your brain.

This is due to the fact that it could maintain the nerve function at a normal level.

Moreover, it could even support the synthesis of neurotransmitters, which would include serotonin and dopamine. Furthermore, the vitamin helps in the communication of nerve cells.

  • Healthy Blood

The vitamin would also help in making hemoglobin in your body. Also, it is also helpful in increasing the amount of oxygen that is carried through your bloodstream to the cells.

  • Anti-inflammation

Vitamin B6 would also help in reducing your risks to various conditions that are associated with inflammation.

These conditions would include obesity, type 2 diabetes, as well as cardiovascular diseases.

  • Protein Processing

There is also certainty that with vitamin B6, you would help digest and break down proteins in your body healthily. In that case, you need more vitamin B6 for higher protein intake.

The Different Types of Breast Enhancement for Women

The breasts are considered to be some of the most important organs in the female body.

Aside from having to provide nourishment for infants among nursing mothers, the breasts are also known to be sources of confidence and sex appeal.

Many men in the world often look at a woman’s breasts to determine just how voluptuous and attractive they really are.

It’s because of this that a woman who has underdeveloped breasts due to the insufficient hormone count during puberty would want to find ways to enhance her cup size.

With small breasts, a woman may end up having low self-esteem, especially when she sees all the other women around her sporting such buxom chests. Breast enhancement would then be in order.

When one thinks of getting her breasts enhanced, surgical procedures would often be the top picks. The process usually involves getting implants inside the breast tissue in order to give it the required enlargement.

However, before the procedure takes place, a woman has to carefully think about certain matters.

She might want to discuss with her doctor the size of the implants she’ll be getting, where the incision is to be made, the material that the implants are made of and other things.

Once these have been determined, then a woman can finally choose to avail of such a procedure. However, breast enlargement isn’t the only kind of enhancement.

In fact, there are also other forms to choose from, depending on the woman’s needs.

  1. Some women have been stricken with cancer in their lives, and their breasts would be removed completely in order to prevent the cancer cells from spreading to various parts of the body. For a woman who wishes to restore the bountiful beauty of her breasts, she can choose to go for reconstruction. This process requires certain fat taken from other parts of the body, such as the stomach, in order to restore the shape and size of a woman’s breasts, pre-operation.
  2. breast liftLifts are also pretty popular with women, especially those who have come of age and have noticed their breasts becoming saggy and droopy. It’s also something which a woman who’s had a few babies can find useful. The breast tissue would be lifted in order to give it firmness and roundness, thus leading to a woman looking a lot younger as well.
  3. There are also some women who often feel burdened with really large breasts, sometimes feeling back pains because of the added weight. They would also receive a lot of unwanted attention from others, particularly men. Having larger breasts than others can be a frustrating experience to some, which is why breast reduction is made possible. Women everywhere can now acquire a more ideal size that’s proportionate to their physiques.

These are just some of the many ways in which women can take advantage of breast enhancement.

For those who are looking to take advantage of these procedures, it would be wise to seek out consultation from a plastic surgeon in order to determine just which method is suitable.

Ways to Treat Toenail fungus

So many people suffer from onychomycosis, which is essentially the presence of fungus in the toenails.

It is often called “ringworm of the nail” and is best described as the thickening and discoloration of the toe nails, often appearing yellowish.

They can also turn deformed and, at worse, a person can break them off easily from the bed.

This condition can lead to a ton of psychological and social problems for people, especially when they go out and about wearing open toed foot wear such as sandals or flip flops in public.

The worst part about this condition is that it is very much contagious, and anybody can acquire it.

These funguses would thrive in very damp and moist areas such as gyms, swimming pool areas, locker rooms and spas.

Toenail fungus, however, isn’t something that people have to live with for the rest of their lives.

While the infection can be seated deeply into the nail beds, which make it somewhat of a challenge to get rid of, there are a lot of solutions which people can take advantage of.

As a matter of fact, many pharmacies offer over-the-counter medications and topical solutions which can help a person get rid of such an infection.

However, one has to realize that it won’t be cured overnight. At the most, it can take up to nearly a year before the symptoms of toenail fungal infections are completely removed.

With that said, below are the many types of treatments for this condition.

  1. Pharmacological – This consists of topical and oral medications which can fend off any fungal infections. With regard to the latter, one has to administer it for a maximum of three months in order for it to take full effect and bring about the results required. Such medications can be prescribed by a doctor, especially if the infection is a bit more severe than expected, or through an over the counter purchase. These medications are also known to have little to no side effects.
  2. laser treatment for toenail fungusLaser Treatment – For those individuals who are dealing with worse cases of infections, they can simply make use of this method. Laser treatment requires contact of the infected area with a noveon-type laser which can eliminate the presence of fungus under the nail bed. This laser is often used as well for patients diagnosed with cataracts.
  3. Surgery – When the infection has spread out through the entire nail bed, significant discoloration and deformation may occur, which would then lead to the complete removal of the toenail through surgery. Of course, one should be made aware that the procedure is practically painless and can be very effective for those toe nails which have thickened. To make things better, one can also apply creams and ointments once the nail has been removed, thus resulting in faster healing as well as complete eradication of the fungal presence in the bed.

These are three common methods of treating toenail fungus.

Learning All About Preventive Measures for Hair Loss

Both men and women in the world get to suffer from the signs of aging, and none of them wish to go through such, especially when it comes to the hair on their heads.

Hair loss is an all too common problem among individuals who grow older in life, although this is also some thing which can affect young individuals.

As a matter of fact, this may be the result of genetics taking over one’s body, specifically when they have older relatives who have gone through the same thing, regardless of gender.

For the most part, however, loss of hair is something that’s caused by an aging scalp and the deprivation of proper nutrients which prevent proper growth. It would often result in the hair getting thin, brittle and pretty sparse.

However, this is a concern which can be remedied through various ways. In fact, it’s quite fortunate that many treatments have been made available to people who wish to grow their hair back.

After all, hair loss is certainly something which can affect a person’s confidence, especially women. One would no longer have to hide their heads under hats, caps or even wigs.

Below are some additional pieces of information that people need to look into if they wish to know more about the loss of hair and how they can actually stop this from happening.

  1. The loss of hair is pretty much similar to how the skin experiences a deficiency in collagen production, along with the presence of free radicals that have entered the body through the environment or the foods that a person consumes. These free radicals can actually cause a deficiency in nutrients, thereby affecting many aspects of the human body, among them is a person’s hair. Such substances can cling on to the molecules in a person’s body, thus stealing all the essential nutrients and proper nourishment required to maintain elasticity of the skin and hair.
  2. pattern baldnessHair loss is something which can make a person loses all confidence in him or herself. There are many people looking to find solutions to such a condition simply because they don’t find themselves attractive with hair thinning out, succumbing to breakage and even permanent hair fall. Pattern baldness can make a person look a lot older than they are, and this is something which no one ever wants to deal with.
  3. It’s necessary for people to actually avail of foods which are filled with nutrients such as beta carotene, luteins, lycopene and flavanoids, since these are known to be very effective antioxidants which can eliminate free radicals in the body. Foods which are abundant in these include fruits & vegetables. There would also be a need for making certain changes to a person’s lifestyle. If one drinks a lot of alcohol and smokes cigarettes excessively, the ingredients in these can cause hair to fall. Therefore, it would be best to lessen, or even eliminate such vices.

Hair loss is not something permanent, and there’s always a chance that people can still restore a scalp full of gorgeous and shiny locks.

This is most apparent if they actually look into the aforementioned points.

Oils Do Wonders in Stretch Mark Treatment

There are several home remedies that you can use to prevent and treat stretch marks. These homemade recipes use natural oils, herbs and foods.

You find stretch marks very unsightly and very difficult to erase. You think you have tried all means in order to reduce the appearance of the said ugly marks.

Here are natural remedies for stretch mark which is also known as striae.

  • Natural Oils

avocado oilThe most common names in the treatment of stretch marks are cocoa butter and olive oil. You can buy them in a grocery store and in beauty shops.

Other natural oils that can smoothen your skin free from the ugly striae are lavender oil, avocado oil, sweet almond, mink oil, jojoba oil, aloe vera and many more.

You want to try out these oils and it is essential that you know how they work.

  • Benefits in Oils

The different oils used in the treatment of stretch marks work in different ways. Lavender oil stimulates blood circulation to the area where stretch marks are.

The blood carries oxygen and nutrients which allows cell rejuvenation. In turn, the appearance of these marks is reduced.

Mink oil is another type of oil that is commonly used in stretch marks. It contains palmitoleic acid which has the same properties with sebum, the natural oil produced by the sebaceous glands of your skin.

Mink oil heals injuries. Beautifies skin and reduces scarring.

A common stuff found in the kitchen, olive oil does wonders for health as well as for your skin. It contains vitamin A, vitamin D and vitamin E.

The squalene, an antioxidant, found in olive oil also resembles the natural sebum of the skin.

Other oils such as almond oil, jojoba oil, shea butter, aloe vera and the oil from wheat germ are absorbed by the skin and supply it with essential nutrients for cell regeneration.

  • Home Treatment

These natural oils for stretch marks are easily applied by rubbing on affected areas. The common areas where stretch marks appear are your buttocks, thighs, upper arms, around the breasts, upper back and belly.

Apply these oils and lightly massage on the skin. You can also try going to a spa and a therapist will offer you treatments for stretch marks using these natural oils.

However, if you are practical about the expense, you can let your fingers do the trick in erasing the ugly stretch marks.

  • Stretch Mark Treatment Almost Costs Nothing

You may be fascinated to know that a natural remedy for striae or stretch mark is found inside your kitchen.

Be resourceful and make recipes out of these natural ingredients. Also, make a mixture of these oils and make an all-natural solution that can bring back your smooth-looking skin.

However, know if you have allergies to some of these oils. Once rashes and itchiness are noted on the skin, stop using the stretch mark remedy and see a skin doctor.

Though stretch mark is not a serious medical condition, it may take away your self-esteem and for some, it can even cause depression.

Hair Removal: Depilatory Creams Remove Hair Fast

You want to get rid of unwanted hairs. You may be growing more hair than usual and you have these strands on more unusual areas such as you back and chest.

There are many methods of hair removal such as shaving and waxing. You have heard about creams that can eliminate hairs fast. They are called “depilating creams”

What is it?

depilating creamA depilating cream (chemical depilatory) is a preparation used for the cosmetic purpose of removing unwanted hairs.

This is one of the famous hair removal methods that provide ease in eliminating the strands.

This is formulated with various compounds such as potassium thioglycolate and calcium thioglycolate. How do these substances work?

They break disulphide bonds found in the keratin of your hair. In turn, this causes the weakening of the strands which promotes ease in scraping the hairs.

Potassium hydroxide and calcium hydroxide are both alkali. When they are combined they form a compound called thioglycolic acid which is the secret formula for depilatory creams.

Different Preparations

You can find chemical hair removal preparations not only in cream forms but also in gel, lotion, powder, roll-on and aerosol forms.

These products offer a fast and convenient way of getting rid of hair. Using chemical depilatories can be done at home unlike waxing and laser treatment that need therapists.

What are the Advantages?

It is a very fast method for hair removal. Unlike waxing, chemical depilatories offer benefits without the pain.

As you know, you can do this treatment at home without a need for a therapist who stays in their clinic or spas.

You don’t need a prescription to get yourself a chemical depilatory and it is often money-saving compared to laser treatment and waxing.

What are the Disadvantages?

There is no hair removal method that offers benefits without any risk. Using chemical depilatories can also leave you with certain side effects.

The effects of these products are often short-lived. You will notice new hair regrowth after two to five days after treatment unlike waxing which could last up to eight weeks.

If you are dark-haired, you will notice darkening under the skin after the strands are removed. This is because depilating products do not remove the hair from its roots.

Your hair removal cream or product may have the foul odor. This is expected because of its chemical content.

Also, a depilating product can cause skin irritation and rashes. Stop the use once these side effects are noted.


Your skin also contains the protein compound keratin. This serves as the protective layer to hairs and even nails.

Letting the chemical stay long on your skin may cause irritation. Depilating products are used for hair removal on body parts such as your legs, arms and back.

Avoid use near the eyes and mouth.

You hate the sight of red bumps on your skin after shaving or the pain that comes with waxing. Depilating chemicals may serve you well in removing unwanted hair.

Learn and master this method of hair removal and enjoy a smoother and cleaner look to your skin.

How Pills Can Aid in Natural Breast Enhancement

It can be frustrating for a woman to have to deal with a practically flat chest. As they go through puberty, their bodies would undergo certain changes that will showcase their complete transition into adulthood.

However, there are cases wherein the progesterone and estrogen count isn’t entirely sufficient to give way to the development of full, round and firm breasts.

This is something which can then lead to a woman feeling rather inadequate with her upper body.

Going to the beach in a bikini would seem pointless since they’ve got no bouncy boobs to cover up, and they’d end up feeling like a teenage boy.

So many women often think that they’d have to live with small breasts all their lives. However, that is not the case.

As a matter of fact, they can always avail of natural breast enhancement if they wish to increase the size of their bust lines and have breasts which they can be proud of.

The natural methods of getting bigger breasts are pretty easy to do, and women don’t have to take risks with invasive procedures such as breast enlargement surgery.

Apart from that, they won’t even have to spend a lot of money. While it is true that for most women, surgery seems like that only option, one has to save a lot of cash just to be able to avail of it.

It also goes without saying that there have been multiple instances of operations gone wrong, performed under the supervision of poorly trained surgeons.

Therefore, what’s a woman got to do?

Below are just a few tips on how the ladies can get started on seeing a significant growth in breast size.

  1. breast enhancement creamsThe breasts can undergo a massive increase in size if a woman makes use of natural supplements. There are pills, creams and other forms of supplementation available in the market these days which are significantly cheaper than surgery, so to speak, yet are just as effective in getting the kind of breasts that a woman’s always wanted. These solutions can be availed of over the counter through pharmacies or even through health supplement stores.
  2. The good thing about such products is that they are filled with a lot of natural ingredients like herbal and plant extracts. These compounds do a good job of stimulating the production of estrogen in a female’s body. This, therefore, would lead to the cells in the breast tissue multiplying, and adding to their overall size. Aside from that, they also utilize vitamins and minerals which can help the body’s functions, promoting proper health and living.
  3. The only thing that puts people off these solutions is that there are way too many scams to be found online. Some products are being sold with many ingredients being substituted for chemical and synthetic ingredients which can actually do a lot of harm to the body, let alone the breast tissues. With that said, research is necessary to determine which of these supplements are legitimate and which ones should be steered clear of.

Natural breast enhancement is definitely possible through these methods.

Women who want to acquire much larger breasts won’t have to consider going under the knife anymore.

Learning All about Toenail fungus and How It Can be Prevented

It’s not unusual for someone to be afflicted by a tiny yet highly frustrating condition such as nail fungus.

This is most applicable to individuals who love to go walking around barefoot in puddles of water, which is something common in areas like gyms, locker rooms, spas or even by the swimming pool.

It is something which can easily be contracted among people, and can be a source of low self esteem.

While most individuals don’t really pay much attention to their feet, it would make them feel self conscious to wear flip flops, sandals or even open toed shoes, since their toenails would end up looking discolored, chafed, and brittle and may even emit foul odors.

Simply put, toenail fungus can really be a nuisance to deal with.

However, not everyone on the planet understands what nail fungus infections are really all about, with regard to what it means and the possible effects it can have.

It is always necessary for individuals to look into preventive measures for whatever health condition they’re suffering from, whether it’s minor or critical.

Thus, those who are looking to find some solutions with fungal infections on their toenails must read the following points.

  1. OnychomycosisThis is more commonly referred to as nail ringworm, although its scientific name is actually Onychomycosis. This is a minor disease which is actually quite common, with millions of people all over the world affected by it. However, the worst part about it is that these individuals won’t even get to detect the presence of fungus in their toe nails until they start deforming, becoming discolored or even being removed completely. The nails would look quite yellowish, and may grow thicker. The nails would usually be separated from the bed, and can become painful when the condition gets a lot worse.
  2. There are a number of possible causes as to why toe nail fungal infections are suffered by people. For one, they may be frequenting environments which are pretty humid and damp. These funguses actually thrive in such environments, and one who is fond of walking around without any foot wear will surely contract them. There’s also the matter of leaving the feet pretty moist before one puts their foot wear on. The feet haven’t been wiped completely dry, and this can lead to bacteria entering the nail bed and feeding on the keratin. There’s also the possibility of the feet suffering from minor cuts or lesions, which can increase a person’s risk probability of getting their toenails infected.
  3. Toe nail fungal infections, however, aren’t permanent, and can still be treated. In fact, it all starts with a person actually practicing proper hygiene as well as learning all about the tiniest signs. There are many cures which one can avail of, ranging from topical solutions to actual medication. However, there’s a chance the condition may become chronic, and surgery may just be an option, requiring the affected nails to be removed.

These are just some of the things that people have to look into when they want to prevent toenail fungus from invading their lives.

Having a healthy set of nails on the feet can give a person all the freedom they want to wear very comfortable and open foot wear without being conscious of them.

The Several Treatments for Hair Loss

There’s very little doubt that so many individuals on the planet, both male and female, are suffering from hair loss.

This is one of the most psychologically and socially debilitating conditions one can ever live with, especially when he or she is way too young.

Pattern baldness is often associated with the maturation process, wherein a person reaches far beyond the age of 50 years old and gets to experience certain deficiencies that can lead to hair fall.

However, when someone who is still in their 20’s and 30’s gets to suffer from this condition, it can make for one of the most frustrating situations ever.

They would often find themselves covering those bald patches on their heads with hats, or even purchase toupees and wigs just to compensate for the loss of hair.

Fortunately, one doesn’t have to live with it anymore. The truth of the matter is that there are several kinds of treatments that one can choose from.

While there are numerous reasons why someone would ever go through hair thinning, breakage or, worse, hair fall, whether it’s due to lifestyle practices, dietary habits or through genetics, people can still count on the following treatments to experience significant hair re-growth.

  1. One of the easiest and most convenient forms of treating loss of hair is through the use of medication. One can simply acquire a prescription from their physician, or even purchase drugs over the counter. Of course, it’s important to take note that, since these products vary in brand and quality, prices will also be different, although it’s a certainty that these treatments can be availed of by everybody.
  2. There are also some hair oils and shampoos, essentially beauty products that contain certain ingredients for nourishing the scalp and promoting hair growth in the follicles. Most manufacturers of said products provide suitable options for those wanting to put a stop to hair fall. There are, however, some products which are considered to be more potent than others, and those who have rather sensitive body chemistry will need to research on the perfect shampoo or hair oil to use.
  3. Laser treatments are very interesting forms of hair loss treatment in the sense that many people who have taken advantage of it have nothing but positive things to say. Many can attest to its effectiveness, although the downside to this is that it can amount to a whole lot of money spent. Such procedures are indeed expensive, but the results are definitely worth it.
  4. hair transplantPeople can also avail of the option of getting hair transplants. Patches of hair will be taken from either the sides or the back of a person’s scalp and planted on those areas on the head where there is weak growth. Many people have also utilized this method, simply stating that nobody can tell the difference between the transplants and the original hair. Like the previous method though, it can be very costly.

These are three of the most common and highly effective methods in the prevention of hair loss.